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Why Choose ENM Consultant's Fee-Based Financial Advisors?

When ENM Consulting Services established its roots in Los Alamitos, California, we made a commitment to help fellow American citizens to achieve a sustainable future. We are in the business of uplifting our clients through thorough financial guidance and document preparation for their financial needs. We focus on supplying borrowers with the resources needed for their application from their documents to their financial choices.

What We Do

We help student borrowers get out of debt faster by assisting in your federal loan forgiveness enrollment. We are a private company that has your best interest in mind when it comes to choosing a repayment plan that best fits your budget and lifestyle.

Why Choose Us

ENM Consulting Services offers expert financial advice and loan forgiveness options for student borrowers who can’t afford their current monthly payments. Unlike our competitors, we offer a FREE one on one consultation with a 100% service guarantee to get you into the best possible plan for your financial situation.

What We Offer

We offer financial freedom through federal loan forgiveness enrollment services. During your FREE one on one consultation, you will have a better understanding of which programs you qualify for to make an informed decision about your financial future.

Where Do I Get the Best Fee-Based Financial Advisor Near Me?

Are you looking for a reliable financial advisor in California? Quit searching the web for a “fee-based financial advisor near me” because ENM Consulting Services is the best solution for you. We are a processing service agency that is based in Los Alamitos, California and has been giving excellent service to the local residents and citizens around the city.


Our licensed fee-based financial advisors in ENM Consulting Services offers customized financial advice and document preparation to our clients in order to help with their financial needs. The role of our advisors is to assess various government-approved programs and provide opportunities for our Student loan borrowers to apply.  Whether they need help with their documents or the application procedure. We truly understand our client’s financial necessities. Thus, our advisors are doing their best to supply excellent service in their area of expertise. This includes private counseling services to help them prepare for these said programs. They are also consistent in updating and monitoring the entire application process to ensure the client’s qualification.


If you are living within the city or around the state, we can guarantee efficient and trustworthy financial service assistance. Do call us now!

ENM Consultant’s fee-based financial advisors are eager to provide clients assistance to their application in government offered programs such as Student Forgiveness Programs and many more. We also strengthen our bonds with our clients by providing expert advice and recommendations through constant communication and monitoring the outcomes of their application.


Among other things, we carefully determine various programs that are attainable and suitable to provide multiple options and help improve our consumer’s choices. Thus, our reliable advisors utilize their knowledge and expertise to construct solutions and offer counseling to achieve the client’s financial goal.


With us, you can ensure that we bring you the best possible financial solutions. No matter how challenging your financial struggles are, ENM Consulting Services is ready to assist you in every step of your financial journey. Should you need any of our assistance, make sure to send us a message. You can contact us through these details (866) 505-1270,



ENM Consulting Services is a private company committed to full transparency to our customers. With that in mind please read the following disclaimers and Agree before continuing to our website. We look forward to assisting you!

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